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Our Pricing

ACE is pleased to offer junk hauling and junk removal pricing that is among the lowest available in our service coverage area. Our customers have come to depend on our professional service. When you add great pricing to top-notch service, you'll see why more people choose Ace Cleanouts!

ACE Cleanouts Pricing by Volume

1/4 Truck Load

Household Cost:  $195.00

Construction Debris:  $215.00

1/2 Truck Load

Household Cost: $295.00

Construction Debris:  $315.00

3/4 Truck Load

Household Cost: $395.00

Construction Debris:  $415.00

Full Truck Load

Household Cost: $495.00

Construction Debris:  $515.00

Junk Removal and Additional Pricing

Every job is unique. We provide you with a services quote, we consider the type of junk we are taking away, the volume to be removed and where it's located.  We'll give you a free, guaranteed firm quote with no end-of-job surprises. Take the next step. Contact ACE to set up your free estimate.

Additional Surcharges

Tires 15" and under:  $7.00

Truck tires 16"-20": $10.00

TV's and Monitors:  $20.00

Small Appliances with Freon:  $20.00

Large Appliances with Freon:  $40.00

► Paint (Per can): $5.00

► Overload charge for heavy items/material or exceeded volume for a removal service: $50.00

► Mattresses: $15.00

Please note that we charge by the ton for hauling and disposal of roofing shingles and or bricks/concrete. ACE Demolition Services are priced upon scope of work. Relocation & labor services pricing is $155 per hour. This includes labor & trucking.


Let ACE Clean Out Your Space!

Your #1 Choice in Removals, Relocations and Recycling Services!

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